Your Pregnancy Week 38

Your baby is ready to make an appearance any day now; so make sure that you are all geared up to receive it!

What is happening at Week 38?

Weighing around seven pounds, your baby is practicing and practicing and practicing its skill set so that it can survive well once outside your womb. At the same time, the vermix and lunago layers from its body are shedding and going into the amniotic fluid.

Your baby’s intestines are also preparing for their functioning outside as your baby is swallowing amniotic fluid. This would come out as meconium (the first black poo excreted by your baby) in the first diaper that your baby wears. Your baby’s lungs are also producing surfactant, the substance that would help its air sacs to swell up with air with its first breath.

While your baby is gearing up to meet you this week, even your body is imparting to all this action by preparing for its birth. Your breasts have started producing milk and are even leaking that by now. However, before milk, your breasts would produce colustrum, a yellowish substance that is a precursor to milk and is highly beneficial for the baby. Wearing breast pads can help you avoid showing the leakage from across your dresses.

Symptoms at Week 38:

The pregnancy symptoms that you witness around week 38 could indicate labor being around the corner; hence, it is important that you pay complete attention to them.

  • Your vaginal discharge might have increased drastically in quantity by this time and it might also contain the mucous plug that has been blocking your cervix till now. The removal of this plug would mean that labor is close by; however, it could still be a few days away!

  • As labor approaches, you could experience lose bowel movements. This is a method of nature to clear path for the baby to emerge and is thus an indication that labor would happen sometime soon!

  • Grabbing proper sleep could be a distant thought around this time as insomnia could overtake your nights. In such a situation, it is important to keep the mind calm and avoid any kind of disturbing thoughts. Read something soothing or listen to soft music and take as much rest as possible since your body has a heavy task to perform in the coming few days.

A Tip for this Week:

As the d-day is not far away, it would be a good idea to stock up your freezer with some good, easy to reheat homemade food, which can survive you and your partner for the first few days after your delivery. Another option could be appointing a household help for managing the chores or asking some elder lady from the family to come over for a few days.