Your Pregnancy Week 37

Its celebration time! Your baby is now full term and would be capable of surviving without any special aids if it is delivered anytime from now!

What is happening at Week 37?

Even though your baby is officially full term now, it is not done with the development process as yet. It is still piling on weight at the rate of nearly half an ounce per week. An average baby weighs 6.5 pounds at birth; however, a baby girl may weigh slightly less than a baby boy at birth.

Along with putting on weight, your baby is busy practicing and perfecting its breathing, swallowing, hiccupping, blinking and kicking skills to show those off when it makes an appearance at last! The part of your baby’s body that is growing and growing at this time is its head. So much so, its circumference is equal to that of its hips, abdomen and shoulders by this time!

Around this time, your doctor would undertake a vaginal examination for you to check if your cervix has dilated (opening of the cervical channel for delivery) and if there has occurred any effacement (thinning of the cervix). Based on what the doctor observes, he/she would give you a tentative date for your delivery. However, you never know, your baby might want to make a surprise entry by choosing a time on its own! So, better be prepared!

Symptoms at Week 37:

Though you can see the end of the pregnancy tunnel now, there are still few pregnancy symptoms that could emerge to trouble you:

  • You could spot some amount of blood (in pink, red or brown tinges) in your panties around now. This bloody show indicates the dilatation of your cervix in preparation of labor and is nothing you should be bothered about unless you have some other complications with it. This condition also indicates that the d-day is just around the corner now!

  • You could feel immense pain in the pelvis around this time due to the pressure of your baby’s head on your hips, thighs and bladder. This can be an uncomfortable condition especially because one feels the pain all the more while shifting positions.

  • With your pregnancy moving ahead, you could also observe leg cramps to be worsening. This is caused due to the pressure on your legs and pelvis and the best way to deal with this condition is to consume ample amount of water along with calcium and magnesium.

  • As the d-day arrives, you could also observe changes in your breasts as they tend to be swollen up or might even leak colustrum. Also, you find your nipples to be popping out in preparation to meet your little one and give it the first feed of your milk.

A Tip for this Week:

One should know that out of all babies, only 5% arrive on the date that has been estimated for their arrival. Hence, you should not be surprised if your baby too wishes to make a sudden entry and should prepared to welcome it anytime now!