Your Pregnancy Week 36

Your baby has been growing at a stupendous rate till now; however, now this rate shall go down as a method of nature to ensure that your baby doesn’t outgrow the size that would be easy to be pushed out of your womb! Another wondrous plan of nature; isn’t it?

What is happening at Week 36?

By the time you reach the 36th week of your pregnancy, your baby’s development is nearly complete. Its bones remain soft at this time and would harden in the first few years of its life. Its systems, the lungs, digestive tract and circulatory system, all are functioning by now; however, their actual functioning would start only after the baby is in the outer atmosphere.

The skull bones of your baby remain un-joined at this time as those would overlap when it makes a passage out of your womb. Even its bones, that are soft at this point of time, would impart to its journey into the real world and would harden later.

This is the last month of your pregnancy and any day now could be d-day! Make sure you stay in touch with your healthcare provider and have emergency contact numbers within easy reach! You could feel immense pressure on your pelvis around this time due to the large uterus and also due to your baby’s head hitting your pelvic bones as you move. Sitting or lying down with hips elevated a bit could help you seek comfort from this condition.

Symptoms at Week 36:

There is ample pressure on your pelvis around this time which could result in quite a few pregnancy symptoms that you could have to deal with:

  • The dropping of the baby in the pelvis can create pressure on your bladder, making it difficult for you to hold the need to pee. You could thus face increasingly frequent urination; however, this doesn’t mean that you should cut down on your liquid intake as you need to stay hydrated at all times now!

  • You could also feel your baby moving less these days. This decrease in baby movements is because your baby is falling short of space at this time and has nearly no room to move about now!

  • You might observe your vaginal discharge to be getting thicker now; also you might also find a pinkish or reddish streak in it if you have had sex or have undergone a vaginal examination. This is because your body has started preparing for labor now, due to which your cervix is dilating and has been bruised during the activity.

  • As the last month of your pregnancy approaches, you might find your energy levels to be surging up once again. Also known as ‘Nesting Instinct’, this is firstly because of the comfort that you feel in eating and breathing due to the lowering of the baby and secondly, due to the excitement of welcoming your baby and preparing your home for it. However, one should remember to take proper rests during this phase and should also make sure that stress is not taken at any point of time.

A Tip for this Week:

All of a sudden, you might feel a bit light now. No, nothing’s wrong; it’s just that your baby has dropped into your pelvic cavity, a process also known as ‘head engagement’ or even as ‘lightening’. This is a step that occurs prior to labor and owing to this, the pressure on your diaphragm is released. So, you may indulge in some tempting delights now as you would not have the squished in feeling so often! Yipee!!