Your Pregnancy Week 35

Though its height is not increasing much now, your baby is constantly gaining weight and will continue doing so until the day of delivery.

What is happening at Week 35?

By week 35, your baby should weigh around five and a half pounds and you can expect it to gain anywhere between one to three pounds by the time of your delivery. All this weight is credited to the fat layers that get accumulated under your baby’s skin making it rounder and plumper.

Your baby is soft and delicate to touch at this time. Not only its body, even its head remains soft at this time so as to allow its easy exit from your womb. Though all your baby’s bones are hardening gradually, its skull remains soft and has lapel-like parts that would help its head squeeze during labor in order to come out of your womb. The bones would harden in a few months after your baby is born.

With your labor being just a few weeks away, you might find yourself losing control over your bladder. In such a scenario, it is probable that you might leak urine as you sneeze, cough or laugh suddenly. This might be a difficult (at times, embarrassing) situation to manage but there is no way that you should cut down on your fluid intake. Instead, practice some kegal exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Symptoms at Week 35:

The symptoms that you might encounter in the 35th week of your pregnancy are:

  • Your growing baby is fast occupying all the space inside your belly, pushing your stomach above. This can result in severe heartburn and reflux if you lie down immediately after having had your meals. Also avoid overeating and consume small, frequent meals to avoid heartburn and ingestion.

  • The immense pressure on your blood vessels can result in varicose veins in your rectum, a condition also known as hemorrhoids. The pain in these veins can be soothed by wiping the area with soft wipes and warm water.

  • The stretched skin of your belly could sometimes develop rashes which could be quite itchy. Though the rashes would not bring any harm to you or to your baby but could be very annoying. In order to seek relief from them, one may refrain from scratching them and apply cocoa butter to moisturize the skin.

  • The growing size of your baby and hence, your belly, is bound to shake the balance of your body and thus make you clumsy. It is important that you try your best to maintain your body balance and avoid reaching for things that seem to be beyond your reach. Seek help from your partner and those around you for such tasks.

A Tip for this Week:

The d-day being just around the corner, it can be good idea to gain knowledge about labor and delivery and have all your queries regarding it sorted. If in case you have any fears about labor, you should discuss those with your doctor and also discuss the pros and cons of taking epidural.