Your Pregnancy Week 34

Try holding a bag containing five pounds of sugar around this week. This is what your baby weighs now!

What is happening at Week 34?

At 20 inches long, your baby has attained its birth height now and is quite ready to make an entry in your life any time soon. However, there is still a little development going on as if you are expecting a baby boy, its testicles would be lowering at their proper place this week (even if they haven’t by the time your baby is born, don’t worry as those would lower before his first birthday).

Now for some exciting news, make sure you have a baby nail clipper in the stuff you buy for your baby as its nails have reached their tips by now and would need a manicure as soon as it is born!

You might feel like a large baseball around now with your uterus pushing nearly five inches above your naval and creating all that pressure on your digestive and other bodily systems.

Symptoms at Week 34:

By week 34, your body would experience symptoms such as:

  • The retention of water in your ankles, feet and other joints could lead to edema or swollen feet during this week. This condition is caused due to hormonal imbalance and can be coped up with by keeping the feet elevated while sleeping and resting.

  • The increased blood flow to your pelvic region stimulates the mucous membranes resulting in an increased amount of vaginal discharge during the third trimester. This can at times lead to wetness in the pelvic region and to prevent this, one can use panty liners.

  • What might be termed as a good symptom of pregnancy, you find your hair growing thick and long during this phase. Though it is good for your tresses, but could be embarrassing when it comes to the facial and body hair. Using hair removal solutions suitable for sensitive skin could help you deal with this situation.

A Tip for this Week:

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life and you could be at your full bloom during it. Then why not capture these moments in the form of pictures of you with your baby bump and your loved ones! There are various prenatal photographers who can do this for you and make this phase of your life a memorable one forever!