Your Pregnancy Week 33

If your baby has not yet achieved its birth height (18-20 inches) till now, it would by the end of this week!

What is happening at Week 33?

Your baby is gaining about half a pound of weight every week during the third trimester and should weigh nearly four and half pounds this week. Your baby is occupying maximum space in your uterus now and this is the reason why at times its kicks and punches tend to hurt you. Your baby is also becoming strong now in preparation for its birth as it is developing its immune system by taking antibodies from you.

Since your skin is stretching due to the pressure of the growing uterus, your baby can make out when it is day and night and also operates its sleep cycles accordingly. However, don’t expect it to follow this routine once it is outside your womb and be ready to spend some wakeful nights and sleepy days in the first few months of your baby’s life!

Talking of wakeful nights; you are most probably enjoying those now as well, due to the frequent trips to the washroom, leg cramps, backache and heartburn. Consider this phase as a preparatory round for what is to follow and try to grab rest and sleep whenever it is convenient to you.

Symptoms at Week 33:

The symptoms that you might come across this week are:

  • You should be able to feel strong fetal movements by the time you reach week 33 in the form of wiggles, rolls, kicks and flutters. It is important that you keep a count of the number of movements that occur in an hour twice a day to ensure that all is well with your little one.

  • Quite a few women experience growing pain or round ligament pain during the third trimester due to the pressure exerted by the enlarged uterus. These pains are mostly felt when one changes position rapidly and are harmless unless accompanied with fever, chills or bleeding.

A Tip for this Week:

It’s time that you zero-in on the hospital where you would like to deliver your baby and find out all the emergency details with respect to it. Also find out the room facilities offered there and whether you would be allowed to have someone to be with you at the hospital or not.