Your Pregnancy Week 31

You might be able to guess now when’s your baby’s nap time and when he is all energetic and playful!

What is happening at Week 31?

Your baby should weight more than three pounds this week and should measure nearly 18 inches from head to toe. He has more regular sleep pattern now due to which it is easy for you to know when it would be playing and when it would be taking a nap.

There is a lot happening in your brain as well. The connections between various nerve cells are forming at a rapid rate enabling your baby to receive information from all its senses (not its sense of smell though as it lies submerged in amniotic fluid presently). While at play, your baby practices its facial movements and activities like swallowing, breathing, sucking and pedaling with hands and feet (which you feel as kicks and punches). Your baby might also be swallowing its thumb in there and you might get lucky enough to catch it in the act in one of your scans!

A little bit of work or may be just a small gossip with your friend could lead you to feel short of breath at week 31. This is because your uterus is pressing hard against your diaphragm making it difficult for you to breathe easily. When feeling like this, it is best to grab a chair and sit in a half lying position and relax the body.

Symptoms at Week 31:

As the third trimester is at its peak, there are a few symptoms that could start troubling you and a few (which you left in the first trimester) could make a re-entry in your life!

  • Since your uterus is growing larger each day, it would start pressurizing your bladder, leading it to store lesser urine. This results in frequent urination, a symptom that you had left behind in the first trimester, but is making a return now! Just remember the peeing techniques that you had applied in the first trimester to cope up with the situation and don’t cut down on the liquid intake in any way!

  • Your large belly would be putting pressure on your back around this time resulting in backaches. Including prenatal yoga in your routine and sticking to a healthy, non-straining posture can help you cope up with this symptom.

  • Thanks to the leg cramps, frequent urination, nasal blockage and backache, you could face troubles sleeping in the night around this time. Though it can be difficult, one should try to find the most comfortable posture and grab a nap whenever possible as your body needs plenty of rest at this time!

A Tip for this Week:

Since only a few more weeks are left to go, it is the right time that you start preparing your bag for the hospital. It should carry the primary stuff for the baby, a change or two for you, along with a towel. If your culture doesn’t allow you to purchase for the baby before its birth, you may ask a relative of yours, who is not located too far off, to do that for you and send the parcel of the stuff over at the time of baby’s birth.