Your Pregnancy Week 30

For the coming few weeks, your baby is going to be on a put-on-more-weight mission! So, if you thought you were enough pregnancy-looking already, please don’t think much, there is more to come!

What is happening at Week 30?

Your baby is forming lots of brain tissue around this week. The development of this tissue leads to the formation of grooves and indents in your baby’s brain, giving it the distinct brain shape. Your baby’s bone marrow is now developing red blood cells now, which would facilitate it to live outside your womb.

While the brain develops, your baby is preparing to come out by shedding the protective, hairy covering, lunago from its body. This covering had been regulating your baby’s body temperature till now and once it disappears, your baby would be ready to come to the atmosphere outside your womb. However, some of those hair would still be there on your baby’s back and back of the neck after its birth.

The growing size of your baby gives you delight along with breathlessness as the uterus presses against your diaphragm now. This is a temporary condition and you should try to avoid exertion in order to avoid feeling highly breathless. Sleeping in a half-seated position can also help you seek relief from this condition.

Symptoms at Week 30:

A Tip for this Week:

If you would like to preserve your baby’s cord cells; now is the right time to register for it. Cord cells are extracted at the time of your baby’s birth itself and are preserved to provide it with a cure for various kinds of diseases, if it ever contracts those. You can gain more information about cord cell banking from your doctor or the hospital where your baby would be delivered.