Your Pregnancy Week 29

Your baby is fast reaching the maturity point; however, there is still a lot of development going on with its body and brain!

What is happening at Week 29?

At about 3 pounds of body weight and 17 inches of length, your baby is nearly as long as it would be at the time of its birth. However, it still has to gain a lot of body fat which would make it weight nearly triple of what it weighs now. Among other developments, your baby had been developing tooth buds since some time now and at this stage, it would also have its permanent tooth buds formed in its gums!

White fat is accumulating under your baby’s skin making it smoother and less wrinkly day by day. It gains this fat from you and it also serves as an energy source for it. (Now you know where all the energy from your body is going!) Your baby’s movements are quite predictable and regular now. You know that it would react to any loud noise or lights or even good food! The movements can be a bit vigorous now as the baby has less space to move about now.

Some of the mommies-to-be might find varicose veins troubling them a lot at this stage. To some, the vein network on their legs could be a scary sight, and from some rare others, there could be pain due to the swollen veins. However, it should be known that this symptom is heredity-influenced, just like stretch marks and cures itself post-pregnancy.

Symptoms at Week 29:

While constipation, heartburn and ingestion are a part of your normal life now, there are a few symptoms that could come knocking at your doorsteps this week:

  • The pressure on your blood flow and the hormonal activity in your body could lead you to face migraines at this stage. One can counter the situation by resting in a dark room and keeping a cold compress under the neck for relaxation.

  • The hormonal activity being concentrated in your pregnancy, can lead to make your nails grow more You would find them gaining length at a faster pace; but at the same time, they might become brittle and dry as well!

  • The pressure on your rectum could lead to hemorrhoids, which could be quite painful and discomforting. In order to seek relief from those, one may use soft wipes to clean the area and include lots of water and fluids to the daily diet to ensure that the stools are not too hard.

A Tip for this Week:

Since your baby’s kicks and jabs are quite regular now, you can make an effort and keep a count of those now. This can be done by lying down and relaxing and then counting the number of kicks performed by your baby in an hour. This should be practiced twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. A normal baby would hit somewhere around 10 times in an hour. In case you find your baby kicking lesser than 10 times in a period of 1 hour, you should consult your doctor.