Your Pregnancy Week 28

Your baby is gearing up to come into your arms this week as it settles into the head-downwards position!

What is happening at Week 28?

At 2.5 pounds of weight and at the length of 16 inches, your baby is now polishing its skills such as breathing, sucking, blinking eyes, coughing and hiccupping. It is settling down in the head-downwards position; however, there is still time for it to engage its head in your pelvis in preparation for birth.

Your baby’s brain is developed enough to have dreams now. It would move its legs and move its eyes rapidly while dreaming in its sleep cycles.

At 28 weeks, you have come past the ‘enjoying pregnancy’ phase. Now comes the time when the pressure of your growing uterus starts making your veins numb and thus giving you pains at various points. The only consolation that you may find is that all this will soon end as you are already in the last lap of your pregnancy!

Symptoms at Week 28:

The pressure exerted by your growing uterus, would make you come across a few more symptoms or side-effects of pregnancy:

  • At this point of time, your body can develop Sciatica, a condition in which one faces excruciating, tingling pain in the legs that goes down to the toes. This happens because of the pressure on your pelvic veins, due to which the flow of blood to your legs is hindered, resulting in the pain and tingling sensation. Using heated belts and resting can help cope up with this situation.

  • Thanks to the relaxin hormone, the ligaments in your pelvic joints become a bit relaxed and stretchy resulting in Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). Wearing the pelvic support belt can help relieve the pain in this condition.

  • Due to the pregnancy hormones, you might observe hyper-pigmentation in your skin which could make it slightly darker. This might lead to form freckles, moles and patches on your skin, especially face skin (where the condition would be termed as chloasma). Keeping away from the sun can help you avoid excessive discoloration of the skin.

A Tip for this Week:

If working, this is the right time that you intimate your employers about your pregnancy and due date. Side by side, find out about the maternal leave policies and also ask your husband to seek details about the paternity leave policy offered by his employers.