Your Pregnancy Week 27

This week marks the end of the second trimester and your entry into the third. Its, hence, celebration time, as you are fast moving towards the day when your little one would finally be in your arms!

What is happening at Week 27?

Your baby at 27 weeks is 14 inches in length and weighs more than 2 pounds. It lies inside your belly in the curled ‘fetus position’ preparing for the d-day to arrive. By this time, your baby’s sense of hearing is so developed that it can recognize when it hears you or your partner speaking. Hence, if you desire, you might start talking to your baby from right now!

If your partner presses his ear against your belly, he might hear its heartbeat as the baby is large enough to press against the walls of the uterus now. You might as well feel the baby hiccupping around this time. But you need not bother about that as it is a common thing to be noticed in babies till the time they are a few months old.

Your baby has also developed its taste buds now and this can be an opportunity for you to introduce it to various kinds of tastes as it has been revealed that babies who taste various foods while being in the womb tend to be less picky.

By the time you reach 27 weeks of your pregnancy, you might notice your feet, ankles and hands to be a bit swollen. This happens due to water retention in your body tissues due to the increased blood flow in your body and is termed as edema. Avoiding standing for longer durations and sleeping with feet raised can help seek relief from the condition.

Symptoms at Week 27:

By this time, you have got a hang of most pregnancy symptoms, but you might face a few of the following as well:

  • While most women edema during the later stages of pregnancy, some of them might encounter Preeclampsia, a more serious form of water retention in the body, in which the swelling is severe and even painful. Such a situation needs to be reported to the doctor immediately and one must seek a cure for it as soon as possible.

  • The growing pressure of your uterus on your veins and blood flow, can lead you to feel dizzy or fainted at times. To counter such a situation, just lie down with your feet elevated. This might happen sometimes normally; however, if you face this symptom quite frequently, you should consult your doctor about it.

  • The skin of your belly, being stretched out, could get quite itchy around this time. Hence, it is important that you massage it with moisturizer regularly.


A Tip for this Week:

Since the d-day is coming close by, you might consider taking birthing and baby care classes. These are available at many hospitals these days and help one prepare for labor, childbirth and childcare. You might find out about these by consulting your doctor.