Your Pregnancy Week 26

Soon, your baby would have lesser space to move around or take somersaults inside your uterus. But for now, it is having a lot of fun in there!

What is happening at Week 26?

This week your baby can open its eyes as those have developed fully. Though there is not much for it to see inside the uterus but you can always try to shine a flashlight towards your belly and feel your baby kick in response to it! Though the baby can see, the pigment in its eye balls has still not formed, which means the color of its eyes cannot be judged as yet! In fact, the proper color of a baby’s eyeballs is finally revealed only after it is six months old.

You feel your baby respond to sounds coming from outside and to light; this means that the baby’s brain is highly active now such that it can respond to the things happening around it.

With the baby getting prepared to come out soon, you find yourself becoming sleepless or insomniac. This is a condition called pregnancy insomnia which happens due to the leg cramps and heartburn that you experience at this stage.

Symptoms at Week 26:

Having come across two thirds of your journey towards motherhood, you might feel as if you have been pregnant since ever with all those pesky symptoms troubling you. The latest ones to join the list are:

  • You might find your lapsing memory troubling you at times at this stage due to the hormonal activity inside your body. There is no cure to this condition; however, you can always try to avoid forgetting important things by keeping a note of them and by using sticky notes wherever required.

  • With the additional weight on your feet and legs and the shifting center of gravity for your body, you might find yourself quite clumsy these days. This is mostly because women are not used to balancing themselves with the present state of their body and thus tend to trip over easily. However, it is also a dangerous situation as any bad falls could harm you or your baby. The best way to cope up with the situation is to wear balanced, low-heeled footwear and walking slowly and carefully. Avoid being at places where you risk walking properly such as slippery and wet surfaces.

  • If you are still working or engage in activities where you need to look closely, you might notice your vision to be blurring these days. This blurred vision is due to a condition called ‘dry eyes’, which occurs because of the pregnancy hormones hampering the working of the tear glands. In order to ease the discomfort caused, you may use some eye drops that could moisturize your eyes. In cases of serious visibility issues, you may even consult your doctor as those could be because of your fluctuating blood sugar levels.

A Tip for this Week:

If your haven’t been doing it as yet, it is the right time that you start planning for proper spaces to accommodate your baby and its stuff. This includes creating space in your wardrobes, preparing to make a nursery and finalizing on the person who would assist you in taking care of the baby till the time your body regains its normal energy.