Your Pregnancy Week 24

If you take a peek at this point of time, you might see some recognizable features on your baby’s face as those should be developed to a great extent now!

What is happening at Week 24?

At about one and half pound of weight and eight and a half inches of length, your baby is fast gaining weight now. The basic task that its body is performing is that of accumulating fat layers apart from the growth seen in its organs, bones and muscles.

Your baby now has eyelashes, eyebrows and hair on its head such that if you undergo a scan, you might even be able to tell whom it resembles! Your baby is also all ears now as it can hear the loud sounds from outside your body. Sounds such as honking horns, banging doors or drum beats, all are heard by it and it might even respond to those by kicking or punching you! Ouch!

At 24 weeks, you could be encountering the carpel tunnel syndrome, a condition which affects the wrists and fingers and gives a numb, tingly feeling in those. The condition mostly affects women who have to keep their hands and arms in the same position for long hours (mostly those who work on computers). Stretching the arms and hands and even shaking them can help overcome the tingling sensation.

Symptoms at Week 24:

  • You might observe your palms and foot soles becoming red and itchy around this time. This is a normal pregnancy condition until a certain stage; however, if it advances, you might need to meet your doctor as it could be cholestasis, a rare pregnancy condition. It is hence essential to report the reddening and itchiness of your palms and soles as soon as you observe it.

  • Pregnancy can bring migraines for some people. If you too happen to observe headaches during your pregnancy, you must keep a note of the conditions under which it happened and avoid those afterwards as most pregnancy headaches are related to the physical conditions of the woman.

  • The stretching of your ligaments can lead to occasional pains in the lower part of your abdomen which are completely normal. However, if the pain is accompanied by fever, bleeding or chills, you must inform your doctor about it.

  • Pregnancy also leads to dryness in the eyes due to the decrease in the tear production. This can also lead to blurred vision and strain on the eyes. In order to cope up with this symptom, one can buy a new pair of glasses; or just be a bit careful for some time as this condition is going to cure itself after your delivery.

A Tip for this Week:

Somewhere between week 24 and 28 your doctor would advise you to take the glucose screening test for monitoring your blood sugar levels. This test makes sure that your baby remains safe from gestational diabetes and is even more important to be taken if you have a history of high or low blood sugar levels in your family.