Your Pregnancy Week 23

Its weight gain time now, so mommy dear, you need to be very serious about your protein intake from now on!

What is happening at Week 23?

Eight inches long and weighing more than a pound, your baby would weigh the double of this in the coming few weeks. This will happen as it would start depositing fat under its still sagging skin. At this point of time, your baby’s skin is translucent, such that its veins and organs can be seen through it. However, as the fat layers form, the skin would become normal like yours and the baby would be chubby and cheeky as you imagined it to be.

Your baby’s heart beat is quite prominent now such that you can hear it with a stethoscope as well. You may even try to hear it through an empty cup attached to another through a string. Just keep one cup towards the lower part of your belly and the other one on your ear and you could hear your baby’s little heart thumping!

As you are racing towards the end of your pregnancy tenure, you might start experiencing skin issues such as skin rashes, discoloration, darkening and tags. These are due to the impact of your pregnancy on your circulatory system and not to say again, the hormones; and would fade away after your delivery.

Symptoms at Week 23:

Some of the new pregnancy symptoms that you might observe around this week are:

  • By the end of the day, as you reach your bed to sleep, you might discover that you are not feeling sleepy at all! This is pregnancy insomnia that affects quite a large percentage of pregnant women. Keeping a pillow between your legs and folding the knees to grab some rest are a few methods to cope up with this situation.

  • With your pregnancy advancing ahead, you might also notice your gums to be bleeding, especially while brushing your teeth. You may avoid chewy and too dry foods to keep the situation under check and might even visit a dentist to see if things are fine.

  • From around 23rd week you might even observe your hands and fingers feeling tingly or even paining a bit. This is another symptom of pregnancy that is observed around this week due to the pressure of your growing uterus on your nerves. Stretching your hands every once in a while and keeping elbows higher than hands while sitting on a desk or table can help deal with this condition.

A Tip for this Week:

You might observe a dark line running down from your naval to your lower abdomen around now. This is the linea nigera, a pregnancy side-effect that occurs due to the pigmentation in your skin during pregnancy. There is nothing to be bothered about it as the line fades away soon after you deliver your baby.