Your Pregnancy Week 22

A one pound bag of flour, that is what your baby weighs like now!

What is happening at Week 22?

By the time it is week 22, your baby is about 8 inches in length and is about one pound in weight. The more remarkable news for you is that it has developed its eyelashes and eyebrows this week along with some hair on its head. However, the hair is still white in color as there is no pigment in those.

Imagine your baby playing lasso with the umbilical cord; this is too far an imagination but yes, your baby can hold the umbilical cord now as its sense of touch and grip should have developed by now. It is also developing sight such that even when its eyes haven’t opened yet, it would react to sharp light if it is directed towards your womb. As for the sense of hearing, it is already practicing that by listening to the sounds from within your body.

By the time you reach the 22 weeks mark, you might start feeling your feet to be swollen or getting larger. Well, this happens due to water retention and even due to the loosening of the ligaments. This is the reason why in many cultures, pregnancy is nicknamed as ‘getting heavy-footed’! Wearing comfortable footwear and avoiding standing for too long can help seeking relief from this condition.

Symptoms at Week 22:

Here are some of the pregnancy symptoms that could be affecting you at this juncture of your pregnancy:

  • With the growing pressure on your stomach and intestines, you might find heartburn and indigestion at their peak. You can try to nip these by snacking on healthy foods instead of fried and oily ones. Also, make sure that you do not lie down immediately after having your food as that could trigger heartburn very easily.

  • The growing pressure on your bowels can also make it difficult for you to digest your food properly, leading to constipation. To add to the situation, there are the iron supplements that have been prescribed to you at this stage. The easiest way to bring the situation under control is to exercise daily, or even take regular walks to kick start the lazily working bowels.

  • The growing size of the uterus also puts pressure on your circulatory system making you feel dizzy or light-headed at times. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water each day can help your blood circulation in the working order.

A Tip for this Week:

Though leg cramps are a common pregnancy condition, there can be cases in which leg cramps happen suddenly along with restlessness in the legs. This can happen due to lack of potassium; hence, one must consume potassium-rich foods like bananas, yogurt and white beans during pregnancy.