Your Pregnancy Week 21

Developing at a rapid pace, your baby is slowly adapting the behavior of a newborn by sleeping for as many as 12-14 hours every day. As for the rest of the time, it is making you feel its presence!

What is happening at Week 21?

A large banana, that is the size of your baby at this time. It weighs around 11 ounces and measures about 7 inches in length. It still has a lot of room to itself and is thus practicing all sorts of moves inside your womb! It twists, turns and even does somersaults making you feel some kind of rumbling inside your belly. It also sleeps for about 12-14 hours around this time.

Your baby is developing taste buds this week and thus might be able to taste whatever food you eat through the amniotic fluid that it swallows. At this juncture, you must be aware of a fact that your amniotic fluid carries the taste of the food that you consume each day. This is how your baby tastes it! Hence, you may use this time to introduce various kinds of tastes to your baby by consuming those yourself. It has been revealed through research that the foods that babies taste during their time in the womb are liked by them post birth as well!

As far as you are concerned, while you enjoy your baby’s moves around this time, there is one thing that could be troubling you- Stretch marks. These are seen on the belly, thighs, hips and breasts and can be quite itchy at times. Though there is no known way to avoid or relieve them, you can apply cocoa butter to prevent them from getting too itchy.

Symptoms at Week 21:

By the time you reach the 21st week milestone, you have probably had a hang of all the ‘side-effects’ of pregnancy and might even have found ways to counter them. However, this week you might observe something new:

  • Some sudden, but mild taps from inside your belly might surprise you this week and no big deal if you mistake those for gas. However, those are your baby’s kicks and punches which are quite mild and lovable now. With time passing, these are bound to grow more strong and painful but would still remain lovable!

  • The bloated feeling might seem worse than ever around this time due to the pressure of your growing uterus on the rectum. In order to keep this feeling under check, it is important that you have light and easily digestible food with lots of fiber.

  • Since the center of gravity of your body is shifting now, you could be facing quite a lot of backache. This happens because of the pressure exerted by your growing uterus and the loosening of your ligaments. You might opt for occasional massages for the back to cure this condition accompanied by frequent breaks from work to provide relief the pressure on your back muscles.

A Tip for this Week:

With a belly that makes you resemble a penguin these days, you might wonder if you should be exercising now. However, there is no harm in practicing some mild exercises till the time you keep it low-impact and are immensely careful about maintaining your body balance. Some such exercises are yoga, swimming and walking.