Your Pregnancy Week 20

Weighing around 10 ounces and with an height of about 6 and a half inches, your baby is growing at an incredibly fast rate! And you too should be feeling it a lot these days!

What is happening at Week 20?

Your baby weighs around 10 ounces now and should be as large as a large cantaloupe. However, it still has a lot of space to move around and also a lot of growing up to do!

If you go through a scan around this week, your doctor would be able to recognize the sex of your baby. However, Indian laws prevent any one to disclose or seek the information about a baby’s sex prior to its birth. Hence, there is still time for you to know if there is a little prince or a charming princess on its way!

A female fetus should have developed its uterus by now and should be developing her vaginal canal. She would also be carrying some 7 million eggs in her ovaries; a number that would come down to 2 million by the time she is born. A male fetus, on the other hand, would see its testicles start descending to their proper place around this time.

While those baby movements are giving you a pleasant feeling already, here is something else about which you could feel pleasant during your pregnancy- stronger nails and hair! You notice your nails being stronger and less brittle now and similar is the case with your hair that seems to have forgotten falling! This is because of the extra nutrients you are taking in also because all your body’s hormones are working on the task of growing your baby and seem to sideline these routine functions. However, the bad news is that they would resume these functions soon after you baby is born. So, enjoy those thick tresses to the most while you still can!

Symptoms at Week 20:

As you progress in your pregnancy, there are a few new symptoms that could be noticed:

  • Many pregnant women tend to feel light-headed, dizzy and a slight headache during the second trimester. This can happen because of staying in closed, air-conditioned areas. Also, staying in hot areas could lead you to experience these symptoms.

  • Midway through your pregnancy, you could also experience edema, which is the swelling of one’s feet and ankles. This happens due to the retention of water in your ankles and feet and can be tackled by wearing comfortable and low-heeled shoes while staying outdoors and lose, comfortable slippers when indoors. Avoiding tight socks and pantyhose can also help deal with this situation.

  • Your little naval (innie) that has been curled inside till now, starts protruding out from this week. It is due to the space that your baby is occupying inside your belly and is a condition that would cure soon after your delivery.

A Tip for this Week:

In order to tackle your shark-like appetite around this time, you could take the small-meal approach. Not only does it ensure a constant supply of food and nutrients to your body, it even makes you feel less constipated and bloated, and helps avoid heartburn.