Your Pregnancy Week 19

Your baby has reached the size of a large mango and has full control over its limb movements now!

What is happening at Week 19?

The neuron connections in your baby’s brain are finely tuned now and this makes your baby control its movements now. Its cartilages are turning into bones now and very soon it would cramp all the place inside your belly.

This week, your baby is developing its safety layer, the vernix caseosa around itself. This layer would prevent its skin from the amniotic fluid that surrounds it. It is crucial as without having this layer, your baby would have a shriveled skin at the time of its birth. This layer is made up of lunago, dead skin cells and oils from your baby’s glands and sheds by the time of delivery arrives. However, the babies who are born pre-term might still have this layer on them at the time of birth.

By this week, you are conquering back pain and leg cramps already; however, the worse are the spasms that you feel during the night in your legs and calves. So much so, those could even keep you awake through the night. Though there is no defined reason for these, one must try to find the most comfortable posture for sleeping and stretch the legs and ankles in order to take the much required rest and beat these spasms during nights.

Symptoms at Week 19:

  • While the early pregnancy symptoms have faded away by now, the pains (those of the round ligament and back) have taken over the scene. These are caused due to the increased pressure on the body due to the weight of the fetus and the loosening of the muscles. Thought there is no sure shot cure for these, one can keep these under control by maintaining a proper posture and by avoiding taking too much stress.

  • An increased appetite in the second trimester, comes accompanied by increased constipation. A reason that imparts to this situation is the iron supplements that are prescribed in the second trimester. Also, if you are consuming less fibers in your diet, then too the condition could worsen. In order to keep a check, make sure you have ample fibers and take regular walks.

  • Those stretch marks could be getting very itchy these days due to the stretching of the skin. The itching on the belly skin can be controlled by applying cocoa butter; however, that still cannot guarantee escaping the stretch marks! Sorry!

A Tip for this Week:

Though you are told that you should be feeling your baby move or kick at this point of time, there is no reason to worry (until your doctor says so) even if you do not feel movements yet. Understand that every baby has its own growth and behavior patterns and might start moving later than 19-20 weeks.