Your Pregnancy Week 18

The much awaited moment arrives! This week you might feel your baby move for the first time!

What is happening at Week 18?

Your baby has gained half an inch of height by this week, which means it should be about five and half inches in length now (about the size of a muskmelon). Its size allows you to feel its movements now or may be within the coming few days.

Along with all the martial arts that it performs while being inside, your baby can also yawn now! So, keep your fingers crossed if you are looking forward to an ultrasound this week. You might catch your baby doing some mischief in there!

Your baby’s nervous system is showing a rapid development this week as its nerves are maturing and forming stronger connections now. Also developing are its senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. In fact, your baby can hear all the sounds from within the body! Hence, that rumbling in your tummy could actually disturb it while sleeping!

With the development of your baby’s size, the center of gravity of your body shifts and thus you have back pain. Even the loosening ligaments in your thighs and pelvis could impart to the situation and make it worse. This could also make it difficult for you to walk properly at times and thus it is recommended to wear well balanced, low-heeled footwear that could prevent you from toppling over. Sitting in the right posture, with the back straight and with proper support can help prevent the pain to worsen. Finally, just seek solace in the fact that this is a temporary situation and you would be out of it within a few months.

Symptoms at Week 18:

Apart from bloating, constipation and heartburn, there is something else happening in your tummy these days about which you need not bother, but should rather feel happy!

  • You might notice occasional rumblings in your tummy around this time. Those are fetal movements, i.e. your baby’s movements (twisting, turning, rolling, kicking and punching) inside your uterus. With its size growing, you are starting to feel those easily and would continue doing so till the time it has ample space to move about.

  • You were still not over the night-time pee calls and here is something else to disturb your sleep- Leg cramps. These are the strained muscles in your legs and calves that could get painful when your body is relaxed. In order to seek relief from these cramps, you should try to align your foot with your leg by straightening it.

A Tip for this Week:

The relaxin hormone, being released by your body during the second trimester could loosen your ligaments, thus giving you aching hips and pelvis. Just try to keep your movements soft and avoid sudden actions to keep the situation under control.