Your Pregnancy Week 17

It is time to gather up some fat; as your baby is accumulating fat layers under its skin and getting a little chubby!

What is happening at Week 17?

From week 17 onwards, your baby starts accumulating fat layers under its skin and will continue doing so till the time it is born. It has grown upto 5 inches in length and now has a more regularized heartbeat as it is its brain that has taken the controls of its heart now. Your baby is busy practicing survival skills such as sucking, swallowing at this moment in preparations for its first suckle for milk!

Your baby’s finger and toe tips are forming its individual finger prints (How exciting!). At the same time, it is developing an ear for all the noises that reach it. Yes, it can hear the noises from outside and might even get startled by some loud sounds. So get ready for some sudden moves when a loud noise occurs!

As you start showing now, people gradually start coming to know about your pregnancy. If you are among those who would not like talking about it much, then try to avoid any harsh words or tone and stay calm and subtle in your response. After all, they just feel concerned and curious about you and the baby!

Symptoms at Week 17:

With that morning sickness and nausea subsiding, there are some new symptoms knocking at your doorsteps this week:

  • You feel hungrier than ever before nowadays. This is because your baby is actively taking in nutrients from your body now and is thus giving you an increased appetite. In a situation like this, it is important that you do not gobble in fried or too greasy foods in order to satiate your hunger. Keep some healthy and sumptuous snacks handy to consume when hunger strikes and also ensure that to you go for regular walks to prevent the fats from affecting your body much!

  • There could be times when you start feeling dizzy or could even faint. This happens due to dehydration and could be a very risky situation, now that it is easy for you to lose your body balance. In order to check such a situation, make sure that you consume a lot of water each day.

  • 17 weeks is also the time when you start adorning your pregnancy badge, ‘the stretch marks’! How many and how fast you get these depends on heredity factors. However, if you gain weight gradually and not all of a sudden, you would probably get less extreme marks. If these marks get itchy, you might apply some lotion on these or ask your doctor to prescribe some ointment. Still, if you would like not to have them, then Sorry! You would have them in any case!

A Tip for this Week:

Nasal congestion could lead you to snore in the night making your partner uncomfortable. In order to keep the situation under control, you could ask your doctor to prescribe some nasal drops that could be used in the night. Using a humidifier could also be of help!