Your Pregnancy Week 16

You can expect some twitching or frowning from your baby now; as at week 16, it has developed facial muscles that allow it to make expressions.

What is happening at Week 16?

Your baby is somewhere around 4 to 5 inches in length now and its muscles and bones are gaining strength gradually. Especially its backbone is becoming stronger with each passing day such that it can straighten its neck and head even more now! Your baby’s facial muscles are developing rendering it capable of making expressions such as frowning and twitching. If you have a scan coming up, you never know, might be able to catch up with one of its expressions!

Your baby can move its eyes now from side to side and can perceive light. However, there is still time for it to be able to move its eyelids! Also developing is your baby’s sense of hearing. It can hear what you speak. So, how about some momma-baby talks!!

There is still no baby fat on your baby’s skin, which is why it looks very skinny right now. With the passage of time, it would accumulate its fat layers and become the chubby little fellow you have always dreamt of! The absence of fat also makes its skin translucent such that its veins can be seen right through it.

If you had not felt it as yet, you would experience it now! Yes, you look pregnant now with a baby bump. It is important that you don’t feel bad about gaining the weight as every pound gained by you is going to impart to your baby’s health. You might celebrate this milestone by treating yourself with a maternity dress that is beautiful yet comfortable!

Symptoms at Week 16:

The symptoms that trouble you during the second trimester are varicose veins, constipation, nasal congestion and bleeding gums. However, around this time, you might notice some other changes:

  • Your breasts tend to get enlarged as you move ahead in your pregnancy. This is because your body is preparing for breast feeding your baby. The development of the glands inside your breasts makes them heavier and in order to stay comfortable, you might like to shift to a new (one size large) bra.

  • You might also start experience pressure on your lower back as your pregnancy advances. This is because of the pressure that the growing fetus puts on your backbone. To manage the situation, you should try to stick to a proper posture and keep the back straight when you sit or stand. While sleeping too, you could avoid sleeping lying straight and lie sideways instead to avoid increasing the pain.

A Tip for this Week:

It has been seen that babies tend to respond to the music after birth that they had been listening to while they were in their mothers’ womb. Hence, you might like to think what kind of music you would like to pass on to your baby!