Your Pregnancy Week 15

Look at yourself in the mirror this week; you finally find yourself ‘looking pregnant’!

What is happening at Week 15?

Your baby is the size of an orange now. Its ears are in proper position and its eyes are moving towards the front of the head from the sides, making it look more human with each passing day.

Your little bundle of joy is busy building its skill set these days by practicing actions such as sucking, swallowing and breathing. Alongside, it keeps on enjoying the space available to it inside your womb by kicking, punching and even performing somersaults once in a while!

You find yourself more energetic this week with the early pregnancy symptoms subsiding. You should have started looking pregnant but are not even as large to need a forklift to carry you! It’s the right time for you to go shopping for some maternity wear as you are sure to need it in the months to come!

Symptoms at Week 15:

  • Your gums look red and swollen and you might even spot some blood in the foam while brushing. This is a hormonal pregnancy symptom that appears around this time. Just take it easy and be slightly careful with your dental care; these symptoms would fade away after your delivery.

  • The increased appetite might tempt you to gorge in on your favorite oily and spicy foods, leading to heart burn and ingestion. Remember to avoid such foods and skip lying down immediately after meals. Also, eat small meals instead of large ones to keep your digestion process revved up!

  • Did you forget where you kept the wallet or the television remote? Well, you are not growing old, its those pesky hormones at work again! Forgetfulness is a pregnancy symptom (better say, side-effect!) that many women experience as the brain cell volume decreases during pregnancy. Using organizers or reminders can help you deal with this situation.

A Tip for this Week:

Second trimester is the time to gain weight as compared to the first trimester when you were barely able to enjoy this time of your life. You should be gaining on an average, one pound each week in this trimester as a sign of a healthily progressing pregnancy.