Your Pregnancy Week 14

Take a look at your fist and imagine your baby as both are of the same size now!

What is happening at Week 14?

Enjoying the space available to it to the max; your baby is stretching its body completely now. It stands erect, with neck elongated to support its head and is on the move all the time. If you have a scan around this time, you might spot it moving or even sucking its thumb! However, there is still time that you could feel its movements!

Your baby’s hair and eyebrows develop around this time, but you would not be able to know the color of its hair till the time of its birth. Lunago, the protective covering around its body that helps keep it warm is also forming around it. This coating sheds itself before the baby is born; however, in case your baby comes before its due-date, you might be able to see it shed in a few days.

Your baby has also started preparing to fill its first diapers around now as its intestines are producing meconium, the black substance that is discharged by the babies soon after their birth.

As for you, its celebration time! You have cleared the first lap of your pregnancy and have stepped into the second! Treat yourself with the delicacy that you desire the most and raise a toast to this occasion (but only with fruit juice please!).

Symptoms at Week 14:

Most early pregnancy symptoms should have subsided by the time the second trimester comes. However, there are some new symptoms that might emerge around now:

  • Your growing uterus is putting pressure on your round ligaments causing them to stretch and pain. This condition is called round ligaments pain and can occur anytime in the second trimester. The pain strikes mostly when you change your position suddenly and is felt as sharp pain in the lower abdomen. To tackle the issue, you should relax with your feet raised slightly as that relieves the pressure on your pelvis.

  • The rising estrogen and progesterone levels in your body result in the increased flow of blood to the mucous membranes and thus lead you to have a stuffy nose. This happens, mostly when you are resting or sleeping. Using a humidifier at such times can help you handle this second trimester issue.

  • With the arrival of the second trimester, you find your appetite returning; which is a good news! However, use this time to eat healthy, instead of bingeing on unhealthy snacks and foods.

A Tip for this Week:

Along with diet, it is important to maintain proper hygiene during pregnancy as that can help you stay off the germs that can cause infections and diseases like flu, cold etc. Remember, prevention is better than cure; especially now when you cannot have the normal antibiotics and over the counter prescription drugs!