Your Pregnancy Week 13

Your Pregnancy- Week 13

With its head as large as a peach and about half the size of its whole body, your baby looks like an alien being at this point of time. However, don’t worry; it still has a lot of growing up to do!

What is happening at Week 13?

Your baby’s intestines had been developing inside the umbilical cord up till now; however, from this time onwards, they start moving towards its abdomen, where those shall be permanently located. The baby is also developing tiny bones in its arms and legs and is enjoying its time inside by moving its arms and legs in random fashions.

What’s more? Your baby’s vocal cords are developing around this time. Once developed, your baby would be able to make sounds inside your belly, but you would be able to hear them only when it comes out. Still, cross your fingers; it might be the next rockstar in making!

At 13 weeks, you stand at the threshold of the second trimester as there is only one more week to go. With the pregnancy symptoms subsiding, you might be feeling better now. This is the right time that you start eating right for your baby and concentrate on a diet that can help it grow stronger!

Symptoms at Week 13:

Even though most pregnancy symptoms subside or start minimizing in the second trimester, there can be a few that could trouble you:

  • You might see some thin, whitish vaginal discharge in your panties known as leucorrhea or medicalese. The discharge is mostly odorless or mildly smelling and caused due to the increased production of estrogen hormone in your body. It is a perfectly normal condition and in order to prevent this discharge from showing on your clothes, you might use panty liners (but no tampons!).

  • All of a sudden, you might find your sex drive boosted around this week and there is no harm in going with the flow. This tendency normal and you might not hesitate in indulging in some bed-games with your partner. However, choose your positions carefully and let your partner know what makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • Your energy seems to be returning this week as you feel less tired and fatigued. This is because of your body having adjusted to the changes it is going through. This, however, does not mean that you should take stress and strain. Make sure that you take a nap in the noon and a complete 8 hours’ sleep in the night.

A Tip for this Week:

If there are differences between your pregnancy experiences and those of your friend’s, it should not bother you, as all pregnancies are different. The same is the case with your baby; you cannot liken its growth rate/pattern/behavior (from the fetal stage itself!) to the other babies around you!