Your Pregnancy Week 12

Celebrate yet again; as your baby achieves another milestone this week by completing the development of its body parts!

What is happening at Week 12?

With the length of two and a half inches, your baby is about the size of a plum now. It is growing at an incredible pace such that it has doubled in its size since the last three weeks! Its body parts are all nearly developed and would keep on maturing for the next few months.

Right now, its digestive system is practicing contraction movements, those which it would need to digest food in the later run. Also being produced are hormones in its pituitary gland that would help it reproduce in the time to come. Its bone marrow is creating white blood cells that would strengthen its immune system for facing the challenges that it faces once it steps out of your womb.

If you haven’t been able to hear it yet, you would be able to hear your baby’s heart beat during a health checkup this week! So get ready to hear the first sound from your baby any time soon now!

Symptoms at Week 12:

Your baby starts travelling up to the front-center side of your abdomen around this time. This brings a good news for you as this means that you would start getting relief from the urge to urinate every now and then! Also diminishing are symptoms like morning sickness, headaches etc; however, there is a new entry to you experience list- Dizziness.

  • The progesterone hormone in your body helps your muscles relax and thus boosts the flow of blood to your growing baby and slowing down its flow to your body and brain. This leads to feeling light-headed and dizzy especially when you change postures immediately. To avoid this situation, one must get up and lie down slowly instead of taking any brisk actions.

A Tip for this Week:

Keeping a lemon wedge close by can help you cope up with queasiness due to your increased sense of smell.