Your Pregnancy Week 11

Though it is too early for you to know its gender yet, your baby has developed its testes or ovaries by now!

What is happening at Week 11?

While you find the pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and headaches subsiding slowly now, your baby is fully occupied with the task of growing up. By this time, its hands and feet have developed fully with little fingers and toes. The nasal passages in its nose are open now and its mouth has a tongue and palate. If you go through a scan at this stage, you would find your baby’s head as large as the rest of its body, which is completely normal.

Your baby’s hair follicles are forming on its little head and soon you would be able to see hair on it! Also in the soon to develop list are the finger and toe nails, which should be emerging by the coming week. With still a lot of space around it, your baby is practicing poses like somersaults inside your womb. Interesting, isn’t it?

With morning sickness subsiding slowly, you should be developing an appetite now and this means that you should start concentrating more on your diet and the nutrients you consume.

Symptoms at Week 11:

As you are stepping into the second trimester, you would find symptoms like morning sickness, occasional headaches and fatigue subsiding gradually. The other symptoms, those of breast changes, excessive saliva, dizziness, frequent urination, etc would still stay. However, there are some other symptoms that could trouble you around this time:

  • The lunch you had is making you feel bloated and burpy. This happens because of the pressure that your growing uterus puts on your digestive tract. Sadly, as time progresses, this situation might worsen. However, you can try to keep it under check by avoiding foods such as beans, fried stuff, aerated drinks, etc.

  • Even if you do not sport a baby bump as yet, you might find your jeans outfitting your waist now. This is due to the slight enlargement of your abdomen, even if you or others can’t see that yet.

A Tip for this Week:

Love snacking on nuts? These high protein snacks nourish your body and also lower the risks of nut-allergies in babies!