Your Pregnancy Week 10

Imagine a prune…well that is the size of your baby now! This week marks the initiation of its bone development!

What is happening at Week 10?

At week 10, your baby is looking human to a great extent and is developing bones within its limbs. Also forming are small indentations for its knees and ankles. Its arms, though only half a centimeter long, are already completely developed and more wondrous is that fact that it can actually move those! Over the coming few months, it would strengthen these bones and cartilages and prepare itself to become a sports star!

If you are expecting a baby boy, its system has started producing testosterone. Also developed around this time are your baby’s tooth buds under its gums. However, it is still a lot of time to see its pearly whites to sprout out!

With so many pleasant news, there is also the clogged up feeling given to you by constipation. This is because your bowel muscles are not as active as before and are thus delaying the digestion process. Consuming whole grains and fibrous foods and avoiding refined foods can help you tackle this situation effectively.

Symptoms at Week 10:

By now, you have got a hang of the symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, constipation, bloating, gas and heartburn. However, here are some new experiences that you might observe following this week:

  • As you take a look at your body around this week, you would notice a network of blue lines, your veins, around your breasts and abdomen. If you have a fair complexion, you would see these very easily. This happens since your blood volume increases by 20 – 40% during pregnancy and your veins are doing hard work to provide proper nourishment to your body and that of your baby’s.

  • You might as well feel a bit dizzy at times due to the increased blood flow in your body. To avoid this situation, take rest often and try not to exert yourself.

  • One might experience frequent bouts of headache during this time due to the increased hormonal activity. However, there could be other reasons, like fatigues, stress and hunger causing this.

  • As the pressure on your belly increases, you might experience round ligament, or lower abdominal pain around this time. This is due to the thinning of the skin under your belly. The best way to help this situation, is to take rest and avoid standing for longer durations.

A Tip for this Week:

Your emotional side seems to have taken over you these days. Blame those hormones again as those affect your nervous system giving you mood swings. The good news is that you would see this pregnancy side-effect diminishing in the second trimester; and the bad news is that this symptom would return in the third trimester. Sorry about that!