Your Pregnancy Week 9

Amid all the pesky symptoms of pregnancy troubling you, its celebration time! Your baby is no longer an embryo, but is a fetus of the size of a green olive now!

What is happening at Week 9?

From a tadpole like look, your baby is fast moving towards more human-looking features like ears and a properly shaped head. Its organs like spleen, liver and gallbladder are forming fast. If you visit your gynecologist around this time, he/she would check your baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler and that would allow you to hear the sound of its galloping heart!

There can be a chance that your doctor would not be able to pick up the sound of its heartbeat and that would be perfectly normal. It would just mean that your baby’s stationed at some far corner of the uterus or is having its back towards the doctor! In other words, it’s just being a bit shy or playful! You should be able to hear its heartbeat for sure in the coming few weeks.

In there, the baby is making rapid movements as it has a lot of room to itself at the moment. It is too early for you to feel those movements; however, there are quite a few other things that you are feeling at the moment. The topmost ranking is taken by the ever-so-tired feeling and not to forget, the nausea!

Symptoms at Week 9:

While nausea, morning sickness, fatigue, constipation and frequent urination continue to trouble you this week as well; there are a few other issues that could crop up this week.

  • Ingestion and the bloated feeling

    could be at their top this week as you are moving further into your pregnancy. Blame it on those hormones; and chew some sugarless gum to neutralize the acids in your stomach.

  • As you move head in your pregnancy, flatulence could trouble you even more and not to mention, could be very embarrassing at moments! In order to tackle this situation, eat small meals and avoid overloading your belly during meals.


A Tip for this Week:

In order to make sure that your conquer nausea and still provide yourself and your baby with a god diet, snack healthily. Include small quantities of healthy snacks in your daily diet.