Your Pregnancy Week 8

Though the fact that you are pregnant is far from being revealed to the world yet; your baby is growing at a fast pace inside you! From a blueberry, it’s a raspberry now; as your baby is about half an inch in size now. It is growing larger by a millimeter each day, which indeed is a rapid rate of growth!

What is happening at Week 8?

Your baby’s facial features are getting clearer and clearer day by day. This week it has its lips, eyelids and nose slowly taking shape. It would still take a few months for them to take their final shape and size and thus reveal your baby’s cutie-face!

As your baby is developing its limbs, its reptilian tail has nearly disappeared now. Its heart is beating at 150 beats per minute and another fascinating fact is that it can move its body and limbs now. Though it is still too early for you to start feeling those movements!

Its kidneys are fully functional now and are releasing urine regularly thus increasing the amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby. This also means that the space inside your womb is slowly getting accommodated by the new tenant and you could face slight difficulties due to that!

Symptoms at Week 8:

While nausea, morning sickness, fatigue and frequent urination have become a constant feature in your lives by now, there are a few new symptoms that can be observed by you at week 8:

  • Sudden and frequent bouts of headache become a normal feature by the time one reaches the 8th week of pregnancy. This is due to the increasing blood volume and consuming lots of fluids. You may also ask your doctor for some medicine for this condition; however, do not consume any medicine without your doctor’s consent.

  • To top up the conditions you face with your digestive tract, here come flatulence and constipation, that are again due to the hormonal imbalance inside your body. To help with these, increase your fiber and fluids intake and also go for short walks.

  • Some of you might experience dark spots on the face (known as melasma) by this stage of your pregnancy. This is due to the surging level of hormones in our body. Wearing SPF-15 based lotions while being out can help seek relief from the situation.

  • You observe milky-white vaginal discharge in your panties these days. This is leukorrhea, a bacterial discharge that prevents any harmful bacteria from entering your uterus and maintains a healthy bacterial balance in the birth canal.

A Tip for this Week:

Frequent hunger pangs are natural during pregnancy and the best way to beat those is by consuming fruits instead of unhealthy and oily snacks that could lead to discomforts such as heartburn and ingestion later. Fruits are storehouses of nutrients and fiber that are much required to keep your body functioning properly and healthy during pregnancy. More so, these help keep nausea at bay!