Your Pregnancy Week 7

Seen a blueberry? Your baby is about its size now. Oh so small; but it has grown so much since the time of conception and will continue doing so till the time it comes in your arms!

What is happening at Week 7?

Week 7 witnesses enormous growth of your baby’s brain cells and this also means rapid development of its head. Talking about head, also developing are its mouth and tongue; so just wait till the alien babble starts!

From the lower part of its body, limbs start sprouting. It would be amazing to know that with the sprouting itself, the segments of the limbs (hands/feet, arms/tendons, knees/elbows and shoulders) start developing! However, there is still a lot of time for these to grow stronger and sturdier!

Your baby’s kidneys have developed and are all set to start their basic function of body waste management. This means that in the coming few days, your baby would start developing urine which would form the amniotic fluid surrounding it.

While so much is happening with your baby, you too are experiencing varied pregnancy symptoms that might be driving you crazy!

Symptoms at Week 7:

  • You could be experiencing food aversions and cravings like never before at this time. You wonder what is wrong with you as your favorite foods make you feel like puking and the ones that you hated, seem tempting all of a sudden. Our advise is, just go with the urge and eat what you like; however, stay away from junk and unhygienic stuff.

  • The glands in your mouth are producing excessive saliva these days; due to the hormonal changes inside your body. Chewing sugarless gum could provide your slight respite from the situation.

Apart from these, the earlier discussed pregnancy symptoms (i.e. frequent urination, swollen/tender breasts, fatigue, nausea, heartburn) continue to trouble you through this week as well and sadly enough, would continue doing the same for the coming few months!

A Tip for this Week:

Switching to a comfortable (probably one size larger) bra might help you seek comfort from those swollen and sore breasts. Also, if your partner can’t hold the desire to touch them, do feel free to inform him about your discomfort. He surely would understand!