Your Pregnancy Week 6

While the pregnancy symptoms are on their full swing, you can expect to see something precious if you have an ultrasound around this time! What…….it’s your baby’s head taking shape!

What is happening at Week 6?

There is so much happening with your baby at this time. While its facial features like eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, dimples and ears have started developing, also moving towards development are its kidneys, liver and lungs. If you go through a scan around this time, you would hear your baby’s heart beating like a galloping horse; as it beats at the rate of 80 times per minute.

While knowing all this brings delight, the pregnancy symptoms are keeping you at an all time low! Frequent urination, nausea, food cravings and aversions and to top it all, constant fatigue. If it provides any relief, you should know that these are all temporary experiences that should fade away by the end of the first trimester.

Symptoms at Week 6:

  • The frequent trips to the washroom could be driving you crazy! One method to cope up with the discomfort of frequent urination is leaning a bit forward while relieving yourself. This would put slight pressure on the bladder, help you empty it out a bit more and thus stay away from the washroom for a bit long.

  • Feeling tired and worked up

    easily is a common symptom being experienced by you these days. Just take breaks often and let your body have the rest that it much requires!

  • You feel-

    nauseated and quirky

    each time you have a meal. This too is due to those pesky hormones! Just make sure that you have small meals and avoid overstuffing yourself and that could help you get relief from the situation.

  • You feel-

    easily bloated, constipated and a heartburn sensation

    these days. This occurs due to the hormonal activity inside the body and one can try to cope up with these by taking short walks and by avoiding sleeping or lying down immediately after meals.

  • Your-

    nipples and breasts might feel slightly heavier

    these days. Thanks to those presky hormones, you might as well feel some pain in those. Do let your partner know about your discomfort with touching them so that the fun time that you enjoy with each other doesn’t end up being painful for you!

  • The fragrance of the food cooking in your neighbor’s house finds way to your nose while you sit at your house! Well, an increased sense of smell is a regular feature during early pregnancy. In case it starts troubling you too much, you may keep some pleasant and relieving smells around you always!

A Tip for this Week:

Haven’t met a gynecologist yet? Then it’s time that you do and get an early pregnancy check up done!