Your Pregnancy Week 5

By the time you enter the 5th week of your pregnancy, it would start showing on you in the form of various pregnancy symptoms; and that’s when you realize that you have a delayed period and might decide taking up a pregnancy test!

What is happening at Week 5?

At week 5, your baby about the size of an orange seed and resembles more or less, a tadpole. What is more interesting is that its circulatory system is functional now through a set of two heart tubes that act as its heart at a primary stage. The fusion of those tubes with time would form your baby’s heart. Your baby’s neural tube, the tube that would form its brain and spine, is also functional now. If you go for an ultrasound around this time, you may be able to see your baby’s beating!

You should have missed a period by now and hence, it is a good time to take a home pregnancy test. By this time, the hCG level in your body would be high enough to be spotted in the pregnancy test. You might also start experiencing some of the early pregnancy symptoms such as fatigues, sore breasts, frequent urination and mood swings (all thanks to those pregnancy hormones!).

Symptoms at Week 5:

  • With the announcement from your baby about its arrival, you are bound to make a few extra trips to the loo. Frequent urination is a common sign of pregnancy that occurs due to the boost in the blood flow in your pelvic region. This, however, should not propel you to cut down on your fluid intake as fluids help supply adequate nutrients to your growing baby.

  • Your body is busy building another inside it right now; hence, you might feel fatigue and tiredness around this time. This is a temporary phase and shall pass as you move ahead in your pregnancy.

  • You might as well observe some changes in your breasts; such as breast tenderness and darkening of the skin around the nipples, due to hormonal changes occurring in your body.

  • If you have it in the morning, then morning sickness and for all the other times, nausea; occurs as a common symptom of pregnancy that may appear around this time. All thanks to the pregnancy hormones, this symptom too subsides with the passage of the first trimester.

  • You might suddenly feel averted from the foods you loved or liking the foods that you didn’t appreciate much before! Well, these food cravings and aversions are seen in most pregnancies and can be difficult to manage with the feeling of nausea. However, just remember, this too shall pass!

A Tip for this Week:

Once you start suspecting or know that you are pregnant, say a complete ‘no-no’ to certain foods; these are mercury-laden fish, under or uncooked fish meats and unpasteurized food stuffs as these can carry harmful microorganisms that could harm the growing baby.