Your Pregnancy Week 4

Its week 4 and your baby has reached its new home, the uterus by now. For the coming eight months, it shall survive and thrive here, preparing itself and you for each other!

What is happening at Week 4?

The egg, now a blastocyst, has now reached the uterus and has implanted itself against your uterine wall. Here it will form the placenta that would ensure constant supply of food and nutrients to your baby for the coming few months. After implanting itself, the cells that form your baby are undergoing a rapid cell division. While a part of those cells would develop to become your baby, the other part would develop the placenta.

Your baby is not larger than a poppy seed till now; however, it is busy doing a lot many things apart from building its body and the placenta. Also in formation is the amniotic sac surrounding it that would keep it safe from any kind of shocks and would also regulate its body temperature.

There are three distinct layers of cells in your baby’s body now. The innermost, endoderm (would develop the digestive tract, lungs and liver); the middle one, mesoderm (would develop into its heart, bones, kidneys, sexual organs and muscles) and the outermost, ectoderm (would form the baby’s skin, eyes, hair and nervous system). Though all of this development is still going to take a lot of time, but the foundation for it is laid now!

Symptoms at Week 4:

  • As the egg plants itself on your uterine wall, you might observe slight spotting, known as implantation bleeding, in your panties around this time. There are many women who experience this symptom, however, there are many others who don’t and are still having a normal pregnancy. So don’t be alarmed, if your don’t experience implantation bleeding at all!

  • PMS-like symptoms

    (that include tender breasts and bloating) can be experienced around this time due to the acute hormonal activity that is occurring inside you. Due to these hormones, you might as well experience constipation or other digestion-related issues.

A Tip for this Week:

Even if you have conceived, you might not test positive in a home pregnancy test yet. If it so happens, wait for another week and test again as it might take a while for the hCG hormone to be produced in a considerable quantity and be detected in the pregnancy test.