Your Pregnancy Week 2

The second week of your pregnancy is the week that follows your last menstrual cycle. Fertilization might occur during this week paving way for you towards motherhood!

What is happening at Week 2?

This might be the week when the egg from your fallopian tubes meets a sperm and gets fertilized. As soon as the egg and the sperm meet, they start moving towards the uterus maturing at the same time. The uterus too gears up to receive the fertilized egg as its lining starts thickening again. By around next week, the egg would reach the uterus and plant itself against the uterine wall.

Symptoms at Week 2:

You might not experience any specific pregnancy symptoms at Week 2 as the egg is still on its way to the uterus. However, it would be a good initiative to start taking folic acid (400 mgs per day) supplements around now as that helps protect your baby to have any congenital disorders. Also, one should start consuming a healthy diet and undertake a healthy exercise routine. One should also give up on alcohol and tobacco and cut down on the caffeine intake.

A Tip for Week 2:

The first two weeks of pregnancy occur during every menstrual cycle and there is only a 25% chance that you conceive (or fertilization occurs) during this time. The most important point is not to fret or feel depressed and continue making efforts, till the day you experience any of the signs of pregnancy!