Your Pregnancy Week 1

During the first week of pregnancy, you are pregnant and you might even say that you are not yet pregnant. Well, this is because your baby has not formed till now; so much so, there is not even an embryo to be seen inside you!

The first week of pregnancy is the week when you have your last menstrual cycle and when your body is preparing to release an egg (i.e. ovulation). The uterus in the meantime prepares itself for receiving a fertilized egg (which would happen once the egg matches with the sperm).

In one sense, this week might not be counted in your pregnancy period as you are not exactly pregnant now. However, since it is easy to recollect the date of the last menstrual period (LMP); practitioners count it as the first week of the pregnancy tenure. Surprisingly, there is still time for you to spot any signs of pregnancy or even for the egg to meet a sperm!

What is happening at Week 1?

No baby as yet; still your body is doing a lot of work at this stage. On one hand, the uterus is shedding its lining, in the form of the menstrual cycle (along with it would go your last month’s unfertilized egg). On the other side, the follicle stimulating hormone (that stimulates the follicles to mature and release an egg) is at the task. Estrogen and luteinizing hormones are also released making the right atmosphere for the egg to be released at gear up to meet a sperm.

Symptoms at Week 1:

No particular pregnancy symptoms appear during the first week of pregnancy as the egg has not been fertilized as yet. However, you would experience your regular menstrual cycle and the symptoms associated with it.

A Tip for this Week:

Even though conception is on your mind, don’t let it overrule your attempts and your relationship with your partner. Enjoy your time together and let nature take its course its own way!