How do I prevent Work Stress from Affecting my Child?

Though it is the effort of every working parent that they leave their work-related stress back at work and don’t carry it along home, they cannot prevent it completely. Work stress does affect their personal life at one or the other level; and one such level is their relation with their children. Research and analysis in this respect have revealed that the increasing hours of work and the fast exceeding work pressure have resulted in heavy impact over the lives of people and that of their children as well.

Children tend to find their parents over-occupied and fatigued at the end of the day, the hours that they mostly get to spend with them. In quite a few cases, it is even seen that parents are not able to play their role effectively due to the work stress that they face.

Signs of Work Stress Affecting Children-

  1. Children not sharing things with parents

  2. Children trying to eavesdrop on their parents’ conversations

  3. Children trying to read their parents’ moods

  4. Parents not greeting children while picking them up after work

  5. Parents feeling too tired to ask children what they did at school

  6. Parents forcing kids to eat what is prepared for supper

  7. Children not eating their meal well

  8. Easily irritable kids

  9. Children feeling unsatisfied at the time that they get to spend with parents or complaining of headaches or stomachaches

  10. Children complaining about their parents at school or with friends

This can be a bothersome situation after a certain time and hence, it is required that one knows how to cope up with work pressure effectively and in time so that one can avoid its repercussions to affect the lives of children.

Tips to Escape the Impact of Work Stress-

  1. Share with Children

    One of the simplest ways to make your children understand why you feel stressed is to let them know the reason for your stress. This doesn’t mean you need to discuss your work with them, but just give them the minor highlights as in: “I have a presentation tomorrow”, “It has been a tiring day today” etc. This would let your child know that the reason behind your stress is work and not that you don’t love your children any more, as they might be thinking.

  2. Practice Prioritizing

    Work, kids and personal life occupy different spaces in your life; hence it is crucial that you prioritize their roles. Ensure that you keep the most important thing at the top and the rest after it. At the same time, when at home, make sure that your responsibilities towards your kids take the forefront and everything else is placed behind it.

  3. Learn Techniques to De-stress

    De-stressing methodologies like meditation, deep breathing and yoga are helpful in making you feel less stressed each day. You can learn these techniques and practice them regularly to keep stress at bay and also preventing it from affecting the lives of your kids.

  4. Be Cautious of the Words you Use

    When under stress, it is quite probable that you use rough words with your kids that might cause a deep harm to their delicate minds. However, with a little carefulness and monitoring of your behavior you can avoid such instances. The best method to avoid this condition would be to breathe deep when your kid gets cranky and think with a calm mind on how to react on the situation. A calm mind would understand your kid’s crankiness and give the most suitable solution to the situation which would keep both you and your child pleased.

  5. Join your Kids in Playtime

    The most lovable and enjoyable method to calm yourself down and improve the relation with your child would be to join them in their playtime. This is the time when your child would love to be with you and would bond with you like never before! Not to forget, a few minutes of playing would drive all your stress away and make you feel fresh and light.

Overcoming stress and preventing it from affecting the lives of your kids is not that difficult a task. And with these tips, it is much simpler than you ever thought it to be!