Are Cartoons Good for My Child?

An age-old debate that it is, cartoons are something that have been associated with childhood since ever! However, quite a few of us find these overly-attractive for kids, such that kids become addicted to these in a very short time. At the same time, there are some others who feel that letting children watch good and educative cartoons might not do as much harm and instead children could learn a lot from these. Let us explore the various aspects to cartoons in detail:

The Pros of Toddlers watching Cartoons:

  • Toddlers try to imitate the gestures, actions, words and sounds of the cartoon characters, helping them learn so much more!

  • Toddlers keep busy with cartoons when parents can complete their important tasks.

  • Cartoons help children learn things even before they join school; thus preparing them for the future.

  • Toddlers develop better vocabulary and start recognizing the sounds made by different objects after viewing them in action in cartoons.

  • The creativity levels of toddlers get a boost when they watch cartoon shows.

Having mentioned all these pros, it is important to know that good values and desired impact on children can be seen only when children are made to watch the right cartoon shows. Hence, the parents should keep a close check on the kind of cartoon shows that the child watches. The shows should be educative, creative and clean from any kind of foul language or animations.

Along with the good aspects, there are a few negative ones as well to be seen in toddlers who like watching cartoons. Let us take a look at those as well:

The Cons:

  • Cartoons (even if educative) do not provide ample stimulation to the minds of children when compared to physical activities and interaction with others.

  • Watching cartoons robs the time that the children should spend interacting with parents and other kids in the vicinity.

  • The child watching cartoons does not perform any physical activity which can strengthen him/her physically and mentally.

  • Cartoons don’t permit the child to manipulate his/her environment and learn things.

  • The child misses learning creative problem solving in the process of watching cartoons.

These cons reveal that the process of watching cartoons, though educative to quite an extent does not stand in competition to the effects that would be seen when the child is allowed to undertake physical activity or is engaged in some kind of games that encourage their cognitive ability. It is hence recommended that children should spend equal time watching cartoons and doing physical activities. Parents may permit the kids to watch cartoons in hours when they need them to be really busy, but when they are free, they should make sure that they give them their complete attention, engaging them in communication and activities that are necessary to their development.