5 Ways to Help him Last Longer in Bed

While you would certainly like your man to be quick in all spheres of life, be it getting ready to go out, in understanding your signals or in the matters of work; your expectation can be quite different when you are in bed with him. It is there that you would expect a man to stay for long and enjoy a longer time getting intimate with you. However, in most cases it is not the case. Research has revealed that about half of the female population is unsatisfied by the time that their male partners spend in bed and have shared that their partners tend to reach the climax too soon!

Though this is a depressing scenario and can lead to serious repercussions in relationships, there are ways in which a woman can encounter this situation. Yes, you take control and help your man last longer in bed giving him a better, more satisfying experience of those intimate moments! Here are the top 5 ways to do this:

  1. Indulge in some Foreplay: A foreplay is always a good idea to get him in the right mood for sex. You can talk to your partner about the plans you have for the night or send some kinky messages so that he looks forward to bedtime keenly. It has been found that men even masturbate when such thoughts are conveyed to them; hence, you must keep a 2-3 hours gap between these games and bedtime.

  2. Get easy on his Eyes: Before you let your husband touch you, give your husband a virtual treat by letting him see as you touch yourself. This kind of foreplay would excite him and let him stay longer in bed with you. Not to mention, you too would love the excitement this foreplay would render to you.

  3. Take Pauses: An easy way of helping your man spend more time in the act would be to take small pauses in between the act. This would allow him to relax; but make sure that you don’t take too long a pause or don’t sleep during it as that would spoil all the fun! Playing a romantic movie and catching up with some scenes in between can be a good idea in this context!

  4. Take Control: If you think that your man is not able to hold himself for long, then you too may try and take control of things by choosing positions where you determine how things go. One among such positions is woman-on-top, where you can regulate the penetration and get hold of things when you find him getting too close. Research reveals that men like this kind of a change at times when woman take control in bed and enjoy every bit of this experience.

  5. Educate Him: One simple, no-medication method of controlling erections is practicing kegels. These exercises help in strengthening the pelvic muscles in women and provide similar benefits in men. So just teach him these moves and see him have better control over his erections in an easy and fast manner!

When in bed, it is important that both the partners enjoy their time and get complete satisfaction. In cases where this doesn’t happen, it is quite often seen that one of the partners has sexual issues and to resolve these issues, the other partner can always come ahead and take control of the situation. So, in your case, if your man is having some issues in bed, then go ahead and use these tips to help him overcome the troubling issues!