How Safe are Emergency Contraceptives?

Among the various modes of contraception, emergency contraceptives have gained a great amount of popularity of late due to the fact that these are easy to use and help one prevent a pregnancy in case of a slip. Another important factor about these that has led to their popularity is that these contraceptives are not required to be taken regularly and are just to be used in specific situations. However, there is a trick to this aspect as these pills are recommended to be taken in a specific set of conditions; these are:

  • After having unprotected sex

  • After the failure of birth control method

  • In case of rape

  • When the condom breaks or slips

  • After missing having one or two birth control pills

The most important thing to be borne in mind about these contraceptives is that these are just a method of preventing pregnancies and do not eliminate them. Hence, it would be no use to have these pills after having conceived.

The question that arises next is how safe it is to use emergency contraceptives? However, before that, we need to find out how these pills work to prevent pregnancies…

How do These Work?

Emergency contraceptives block the eggs from being released or from being fertilized in order to prevent a pregnancy. This prevents them to coming in contact with the sperm and thus getting implanted in the uterus. It is advised to take these contraceptives within 72 hours of intercourse and are aimed at reducing the chances of conception by almost 90%.

Safety Concerns:

The bigger question now is how safe it is to use emergency contraceptives? As per the known instances, there have been very few cases where people have had any side effects after using emergency contraception. In fact, for the fact that these have a high success rate, there is a great number of emergency contraception users. Still, there are a few known and less dangerous side effects of these:

  • Nausea

  • Fatigue

  • Headache

  • Abdominal pain

  • Changes in the menstrual cycle

Apart from the above listed conditions, emergency contraceptives are not known to have any other side effects. These are also known to un-harmful for unborn babies and pregnant women. Hence, these can be a good choice for preventing conception in case of emergencies; but should certainly not be used on a regular basis.