Sex a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

Having sex is mostly associated with pleasure and a form of satisfying the sexual drive of individuals. However, how would you feel if you were to know that sex has many other health benefits for an individual? Amazed? Well, don’t be! Research has revealed that sex is not just an act in which two people indulge to express their love and even to satisfy their sexual instincts and relieve stress, but it is far more beneficial than that. Let us explore how:

Immunity Booster

It has been found that those who indulge in sex regularly have their immunoglobulins levels boosted, due to which their immunity is very high. Regular sex hence, boosts the immunity of people making their bodies highly defensive against minor illnesses like cold, cough and fevers.

Improves your Heart Health: The increased amount of palpitation during the sexual act helps one give an exercise to the heart due to which it has been found that people who have sex regularly are less prone to heart attacks as compared to those who indulge in sex less.

Beats Headache: The hormones released during sex are excellent pain and ache relievers. Hence, if you are having headache, just have sex and you would find your headache miraculously cured!

Stress Buster: Sex is an excellent stress buster whether we talk about work or family related troubles. It has been proved after research that people who indulge in sex regularly are able to cope up with stressful conditions in a better manner. Also, these people are able to maintain a peaceful state of mind and are comparatively happier as compared to those who have sex less often.

Longevity Booster: The hormones released during sex, especially dehydoepiandrosterone, is known to improve the immunity of the body, along with repairing the skin tissues and keeping the skin healthy. All of these impart to the long life of an individual, thus ensuring a life for all those who have sex regularly.

Improved Sleep Quality: Since having sex relaxes the body and boosts the circulation of blood throughout, one tends to have a better sleep after having made love. This in turn imparts to the overall health of the body and helps one stay fit and healthy for long.

Better Blood Circulation: The increased rate of heart beats during love-making is an indicator of blood being supplied all through the body at a faster rate. This also ensures that fresh blood is supplied to the entire body making it healthy and fresh.

Increased Hormone Production: Making love often means that you release more amount of hormones in the body, thus providing the entire body with the benefits brought by these hormones. In men, testosterone hormone is released during love making which helps in regulating cholesterol levels and ensures heart and bone health. In women, oestrogen hormone is released during sex, which is responsible for protecting them against heart diseases and also decides the body scent of women.

Maintains Overall Health: Sex helps in maintaining the health of an individual just like a workout in the gym as one burns calories while making love (80 calories in one hour). It is thus observed that those who make love regularly, have fitter, slimmer and well-toned bodies than all those who don’t make love very often.

With so many benefits of attached to sex, it is thus revealed to us that sex should be a vital part of our daily routine and not just an act of passion, whenever we get some free time. So, go ahead and get along with your loved one every day and see your health and the relationship improving drastically!