Detox Diet and Skin Health

Of late, a new word has been taking rounds in the urban circles, that being ‘detox’. They say you got to detox to have a clear body and skin, eventually leading us have a clear mind. Sounds pretty good; but what exactly is detox?

Explaining Detox:

Detox, full word: detoxification, is the process in which all the toxins and waste products that get accumulated in the body over time, are expelled from the body. Toxins enter the body through the air we breathe (thanks to the pollutants!), the food we consume (the junk and the unhealthy carbs and oils) and also through our skin’s pores (via the chemical-based cosmetics we use). Though a great part of these toxins get flushed away with our body wastes on a regular basis, there is still a considerable quantity of these that gets accumulated after certain time and this accumulation can start showing on the skin after some time.

The detoxification process helps in flushing out these accumulated toxins and wastes and cleanses the entire system thoroughly. It works on the principle of consuming a detox diet which can cleanse the system and also lead to the burning of excess calories from the body, thus helping one lose weight easily. To add to this, detox diets cleanse the system, which also has impact on the skin of an individual, making it clear and shiny. There are quite a few foods that can be consumed in order to detoxify the body. However, one must remember that detoxification process should be continued for a limited time period only and not always, as detox diet does not contain all the nutrients that are required by the body for its proper growth and maintenance.

The Major Detoxification Foods:

  1. Water

The first and the simplest detox food is water, which is the most successful method of flushing out toxins from the body. The best thing about water is that it has no calories, fats or sugars in it, thus does not add up to one’s calorie count even if one has ample of it! Water, when expelled from the body, through the digestive tract, removes all the toxins and wastes in it. And, when it is expelled through the skin, in the form of sweat, it removes the dirt and grime trapped in the skin’s pores. It is hence, advised that one should keep on washing one’s face with clear water often when one sweats during the detox process. This prevents the dirt and grime to re-enter the skin’s pores and clog them up. Water is also helpful in relieving conditions like constipation and bloating which can have an impact on the skin, making it pale and even, acne-prone.

In order to consume water for detoxification, one might just consume about 8-10 glasses of it each day and see your skin regain its glow once again!

  1. Healthy Fats

Healthy fats, as in those in unsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids are also a way of detoxifying the body. It must be known that healthy fats contain essential vitamins like A, D E and K and thus assist in maintaining the hormonal balance in the body, along with the regulation of its various functions. At the same time, these do not affect the calorie intake of an individual, unless consumed in a limited quantity. These healthy oils can be sprayed over one’s salads and nuts and even be used in various dips and sauces to add them to one’s daily diet.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables

After water, the next best detoxification agent that comes from nature are the fruits and vegetables. These are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and have ample fiber in them. Thus, these allow the bowel to function properly and also help in the regulation of the bodily activities. At the same time, quite a few fruits and vegetables have antioxidants in them, due to which they are quite helpful in retaining the glow of one’s skin and even help in keeping various kinds of diseases at bay. Since they have so much to offer, it is important that we include lots of raw fruits and vegetables in our diet on a regular basis and detoxify the simpler way!

While many may assert that detox is a fad and while there would be those who would like to go on exclusive detoxification regimes to cleanse their systems, we recommend to consume the above listed detox foods in your regular diet as such. This would prevent toxins from accumulating in your body, keep your skin and body healthy and also save you from the harsh detox regimes!