Exercises for Plumper Cheeks

Though many of us would regard having plump cheeks a sign of being overweight, there are quite a few others who would do anything to shun the chiseled look of their face and have cheek apples like their favorite movie stars like Angelina Jolie, Kareena Kapoor and many others. Having cheek apples does not mean one is chubby or plump, instead it means that the person has well-toned facial skin and is a sign of one’s youthful skin and appearance. If you too have been looking forward to having this look for yourself, then here are the top 7 tips and toning exercises that could come to your rescue:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated by consuming as many as 8 glasses a day is an important practice for ensuring the health of the facial skin. Proper hydration maintains the moisture level of the skin cells and keeps the skin soft and chubby.

  2. Alter Your Lifestyle: In order to ensure that your skin stays healthy, you need to alter your lifestyle and shun habits like smoking and consuming alcohol, since both these habits lead the skin to lose its elasticity.

  3. Juice up: Fresh fruit and vegetable juices help ones skin get the required dosage of vitamins and nutrients every day. Hence, it is important to include at least one glass of fresh juice in your daily diet. One rich and highly beneficial preparation could be made by juicing up apples and carrots together and topping it up with lemon juice. This juice would be the perfect method of getting chubby cheeks easily, and that too by keeping the fats at bay.

  4. Top-Up your Diet: The next step towards plumper cheeks would be making some inclusions in your daily diet. These would include foods like honey, apples, olive oil, carrots, cheese, milk and oats. These foods are known for increasing the suppleness of the skin and making it livelier.

  5. Blowing Exercise: Once you have made these changes in your diet and lifestyle, it is time to adopt some exercises. The first would be the blowing exercise, which intends to give a toning workout to your cheeks and jawbones. You can do this by filling your mouth with air, as if you are about to fill air in a balloon. Hold this pose for about a minute and then release the air gently.

  6. The Puckering Pose: This exercise would target your cheek and lip muscles, such as to make them more soft and full. To do this exercise, you need to pucker out your lips as much as possible. Then bring your lips back in a smiling position and keep the lips tightly closed for about 5 seconds. Then again repeat the pucker and again get back to the smiling pose. This exercise should be done in a cycle of 15 reps to get the desired plumper cheeks in less time.

  7. The Chubby Girl Pose: This pose is intended to focus on your cheeks and jawbones. For practicing it, you need to hold your cheeks in your palms such that your palm heels rest on the lower edge of your cheeks. Then give a wide smile making your lip muscles tighten as you stretch them with a smile. The position must be held still up to the time you complete the count of 10 and then give rest to the muscles by coming back to the normal position. This exercise must be done thrice in a session to get the desired results.

It is true that our face is the mirror to our body’s condition and mostly tells what is going on with the rest of our body. However, there are times we need to concentrate on it alone and give it the kind of toning that it rightly deserves so that it can get your favorite movie star look without working too hard for it!