Baby Development- Week 51

Patience is the key word now as your baby learns to cruise over various kinds of surfaces and faces bumps and falls while doing that!

Physical Development:

Your anxious to walk baby might suddenly start resisting staying in your lap or sitting at one place for long. This could be a trying thing while travelling or when outdoors as the baby would like to be let free and explore the world for itself!

Baby’s Activities:

Along with craling, cruising and trying to walk, your baby is also indulging in a lot of falling these days. Yes, it is difficult to stay away when it falls; however, you must hold yourself back at such times unless it is really hurt. Your running to help always can keep the baby from realizing that learning to be mobile is not all that easy!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Sand-filled play areas can be an ideal place for your baby to practice walking as it is unlikely to get hurt there. Alongside, it is one place where your baby can explore high and low surfaces to practice balancing on those.


Tips for Week 51:

  1. You may act in front of your baby of falling over while walking in order to encorage it to be on its feet despite all the falls and bumps.

  2. The efforts to walk call for a quick check through your house to cover all the electrical sockets and put safety grills on front of staircases and balconies.

  3. In case you stay in a high-rise building, keep the doors to the balconies always closed in order to avoid your baby going there unattended.

  4. Let your baby practice walking bare-footed as that would ensure that it keeps it feet straight on the floor and forms the correct grip.

  5. Shoes are ideal to be given to a baby when it can walk properly and tends to walk on surfaces that might hurt its feet.

  6. Though a natural tendency, don’t buy shoes that are larger than your baby’s size as it would not be able to form perfect balance in those.

  7. Buy only low-price shoes for your baby as your baby is soon going to outgrow those and then those would be a waste of your money!