Baby Development- Week 50

When your baby babbles these days, itmay sound like a foreign language to you. However, it would try to convey its message through gestures, which you must try to understand!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s brain is developed enough to understand when you teach it simple things such as ‘where is the light?’, ‘where is the fan?’ etc. You may even teach it to point to its eyes, ears, mouth etc on asking along with the meanings of formal words such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’!

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby might not be able to utter all the words yet, but its vocabulary is increasing at a raid pace due to your language. In order to boost its growth, inform it about the names of the various things it sees around it while playing. You never know, it might surprise you one day by uttering a name before you do that!

The Thing to Watch Out:

In order to boost your baby’s mental development, let it have toys such as stacking rings and blocks that it can place on top of each other and learn the corelation between them.


Tips for Week 50:

  1. Even if it still doesn’t speak, your baby can argue with you by babbling in an assertive tone!

  2. Voice inflections are used by your baby to convey what it refers to while babbling out short sentences.

  3. Your baby can now connect names with the things to which they correspond. Hence, introducing new things to it would be a good way of adding to its vocabulary.

  4. Involving the baby in day-to-day activities such as buying green groceries or fruits can keep it entertained and even help it add to its knowledge bank.

  5. Being in company is what your baby desires; this is why it smiles when people come across during your daily walks!

  6. If there is no open space around your home to take your baby to in the evenings, you may make a playgroup with mothers of similarly-aged kids and organize play sessions at each others’ homes alternatively.

  7. Let your baby know what it is eating during feeding hours. This too would add to its vocabulary!