Baby Development- Week 49

With the first birthday celebrations being done, your baby is bound to enjoy a lot of attention; coupled with tiredness and some amount of irritability!

Physical Development:

Your baby’s body weight should ideally be at least 2 and a half times as much as it was at its birth now. During your regular health checkups, make sure that the pediatrician makes a note of its physical development and lets you know about its progress. Along with its body, your baby’s mind is also growing as it is inquisitive about everything around it and wants to explore things by reaching up to those.

Baby’s Activities:

With the baby getting into a routine and taking its food regularly, you might be thinking about taking up a job. Hence, its time that you prepare your baby for it by making it learn how to live when you are not around. The seperation anxiety pangs are something that you should introduce to your baby now!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Mothers tend to be in the habit of following the baby as it goes out of their sight. However, wait a few minutes before you rush after the baby. This simple exercise would make your baby more independent.

Vaccination Call:

At the one year milestone, your baby is supposed to get the Hepatitis A booster dose. Hence, check with your healthcare provider about it.


Tips for Week 49:

  1. Mothers feel anxious if their babies cry after they leave. However,if you come back and hide to see after a few minutes, the babies start playing after you are out of sight. Hence, make your departures swift and shun that guilty feeling!

  2. Make sure your baby sitter is present already when you leave your baby alone. This allows it to shift its attention to the sitter immediately after you leave.

  3. By one year of age, your baby should be exposed to fruits, vegetables, milk products, pulses and cereals of most kinds.

  4. Though able to consume the same food as you now, your baby still needs to be kept away from outside food that might not be as fresh as homemade food.

  5. Milk products for the baby are best prepared at home. If not possible, one should ensure their freshness whil purchasing those.

  6. Post the age of one, honey can also be considered safe to be given to the baby.

  7. After the first year of its life, your baby’s body develops immunity making it strong enough to digest various kinds of foods. However, one must take it slow and easy!