Baby Development- Week 48

Reaching up to its first birthday, your baby may not like taking daytime naps and might even be difficult to put into bed in the night!

Physical Development:

As it becomes more and more independent, your baby might like to do its own thing instead to taking daytime naps. Though it is natural with the baby’s growing age, it can be a tricky situation for parents who complete their regular chores while the baby sleeps. Keeping the baby busy with its play during these hours can let you manage work alongside.

Baby’s Activities:

Self-feeding is the next thing in store for you! Your baby might take the spoon from you and try to feed itself. However, since it is not good with its aims yet, it may end up making a lot of mess. Don’t fret; as it is another step towards its independence!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Your baby might even resist going to sleep in the night from now on. Using a bedtime routine and combining it with a lullaby or story can help sooth the baby and make it fall asleep.


Tips for Week 48:

  1. With age, your baby gets more and more attached to you and sleep time is the time when it wants to be close to you. Hence, make sure you spend a lot of time with your baby before it sleeps!

  2. Parents might divide the pre-bed activities such as changing clothes, serving dinner etc among themselves to avoid excess work load on one individual and also ensure spending ample time with the baby.

  3. Following a definite bedtime routine can indicate to the baby that it is time to sleep and help you tackle the bedtime fuss that babies love to make!

  4. Giving a spoon to the baby while feeding can help develop its eye-hand coordination.

  5. Mid meal hunger pangs can be dealt with by giving some home-made or glucose biscuits to the baby. You may also give it some fruits or light snacks.

  6. While going out with a baby,make sure you pack its meals along as your baby is not yet ready for consuming outside food!

  7. Make sure you dont open the packed baby food too often as exposing it many times can let germs into it , which might harm your baby’s health.