Baby Development- Week 47

Walking is the latest thing in your baby’s agenda. This new activity can excite your baby, which makes it important to be on a vigil regularly.

Physical Development:

Your baby is probably walking now and if it is not, it would be within the coming few weeks. It is normal for babies to start walking by 18 months of age. The most important thing is to keep encouraging the baby to take it on its feet by making walk by holding its arms or giving it the support of some chair etc.

Baby’s Activities:

By this time, you are probably thinking that your baby is the naughtiest one around! However, just remember that your baby is not naughty but is exploring the world it is in! Of course, how it approaches this exploration spree is completely for it to decide and it may pick the mischievious route!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Your baby may present a surprise for you each day, by getting under the dining table or trying to pull out the wheels of that side trolley! Just take a lot of pictures of it as it engages in these activities. That is the only way of preserving these glorious moments!


Tips for Week 47:

  1. As a mother, you should be getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape by now. However, if you haven’t, you might consider some exercises or health routines.

  2. Running after your toddling and experimenting baby might be the best exercise for losing the excess flab on your belly!

  3. In case you feel weak at the end of the day or feel worn out after a little work; you might be encountering weakness or some deficiency. Consult your physician about this and take some supplements if required.

  4. Leg cramps, back ache and body pains are some signs of bodily weakness due to deficiency of certain vital nutrients.

  5. A tantrum-throwing baby can be soothed by taking it out for a walk or a stroll in its stroller. The change in the atmosphere diverts the baby’s attention.

  6. A sympto of your baby’s growing assertiveness is its tantrums and fussy nature. Just be calm while tackling such situations!

  7. When a baby gets things done by throwing tantrums, it starts becoming stubborn. A wise parent would not cater to all demands of the baby and let it know the differene between good and bad from the very beginning!