Baby Development- Week 46

With its first birthday being just around the corner, your baby’s language is developing at a drastic pace just like its interest in taking its first independent steps!

Physical Development:

Many babies start walking independentlyor at least by holding objects by this time. However, if your hasn’t started doing that yet, it is no reason to be anxious as it is normal from babies to start walking between 11 to 16 months of age. Encourage your baby to walk by sitting or kneeling in front of it and holding its hands as it stands on its feet.

Baby’s Activities:

Eager to walk, your baby’s favorite activity around this time is to hold on to things, stand and then walk. It may try to stand using a chair and then walk by pushing it around. Though the baby enjoys such activities a lot, those are risky at the same time. It is thus important to be around the baby all the while when engages in these games.

The Thing to Watch Out:

Its time your start planning for your baby’s first birthday party. A small family affair or a big-bash, the choice is up to you. However, make sure that your plan keeps your baby amused all through the celebrations! Using your baby’s favorite objects in the decorations and playing its favorite music could be some vital elements to be used for that!


Tips for Week 46:

  1. It s quite possible that you or your partner or both of you might not be around when your baby takes its first steps or achieves any other milestone for that matter. Hence, keep the camera ready and capture such moments to cherish forever!

  2. Many babies tend to pick up the habit of using a pacifier as they reach their first birthday. However, after one year of age, you should try to wean it away from the pacifier!

  3. Using a pacifier can hinder the speech development as with a pacifier in its mouth, your baby can’t practice sounds.

  4. Exchanging the pacifier for a soft toy can be a good way of taking the former away!

  5. Babies like stacking and piling games around one year of age. Put all your babies toys in a box or container and let it enjoy emptying it and then refilling it! This activity should keep the baby occupied for quite some time!

  6. Sound-making games are also enjoyed by babies. Hence, you may let you baby play around with a spoon and see it enjoy this experience.

  7. A mother may get some more time to rest as the baby starts getting on its feet. However, being around the baby when it plays is also important. Engaging in recreational activities that even the baby may enjoy can be a good idea.