Baby Development- Week 45

Your baby starts indulging in pointing games around this time! So, go on and introduce as many possible things to it!

Physical Development:

If you go ahead to count thenumber of words your baby can speak now, the count would reach up to one, two or may be three. However, apart from this, your baby babbles sounds like speaking short sentences at times. Though the babbling would sound more like some alien language, it is important that you respond to it as that would be the best encouragement for your baby to move towards a clear speech!

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby recognizes the things that are placed around it and should remember their names if your have been telling those to it. To check, ask your baby where a particular object is and it should be pointing at it by looking towards it. It would also like to indulge in passing and handing over games now!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Now that your baby is not throwing things very often,you may start teaching it how to be helpful by letting it participate in jobs like piling books or stacking up its toys. Ask it to handover things as you do the task so that the baby gets a chance to participate and also learns from it!


Tips for Week 45:

  1. Babies can be encouraged to respond to questions by making use of gestures while talking to them.

  2. Your baby’s babbling is an effort to say something. Hence, try to find out what it is talking about and respond accordingly.

  3. Babies can be encouraged to collect their toys at the end of the day and keep those in a box or at their definite place. This puts their energy to the right use and also proves to be a worthy lesson for life!

  4. By the end of the first year, babies start having two-three meals per day. However, if your baby is still having baby foods for all meals, its time that you start shifting it over to a regular meal gradually.

  5. The shift from baby food to regular meals should be done gradually, one meal at a time so as to allow ample time for the baby’s appetite to adjust to the new foods.

  6. Try to make baby’s meals healthier by combining vegetables, pulses, cereals and milk products in those. For instance, you could prepare a meal with vegetable pulao, dal and curd.

  7. Keep some snacks (eg biscuits, puffed rice etc) handly to give to the baby for those mid-meal hunger pangs!