Baby Development- Week 44

Dreaming when your little baby would start reading? Now is the time to buy some picture books for it and see it turn their leaves over!

Physical Development:

As your baby heads towards its first at a fast pace, it is also becoming more and more attached to the things and people around it. This is a common trait that children display around this time. Under such circumstances, in order to cope up with the child when you are going out, you should keep the good-byes short and leave the baby in the hands of a person with whom it would be comfortable.

Baby’s Activities:

Your baby would enjoy turning the pages of books now; hence, you may bring some card-type picture books for it. Sit with the baby and speak the names of the objects that appear in those books so as to add those words to its active or passive vocabulary. What’s more, in case any familiar object appears, your baby is likely to speak the name on its own!

The Thing to Watch Out:

Large, card-type picture books that carry stories can also be got for your baby. Apart from enjoying the pictures in those, your baby would also love to hear the stories in your voice! Also, it would start learning how to turn the leaves of books with this activity!


Tips for Week 44:

  1. Your crawling baby might even try to stand by holding things now. Hence, keep the easily movable things far from its reach to avoid any kind of mishaps.

  2. Babies at this stage love to stand up by holding things here and there. However, they might not be able to sit back from the standing position yet. Hence, you need to be around when the baby tries this exercise.

  3. Curd is an essential food product that must be given to babies during summers. The antibodies in it help strengthening the baby’s immune system and aid digestion.

  4. In order to prevent your baby from having a blocked nose in the night, apply vicks on its feet soles at night and make it wear socks.

  5. Your baby’s skin might get dark and dry when it crawls. In order to help the situation, moisturize the baby’s skin well after bath.

  6. Ensuring the house is clean and free from dust and germs is important when your baby starts crawling to avoid any harmful stuffs from being consumed by the baby.

  7. Using a good phenolic while wiping the floors can help ensuring that the house is clean for the baby to play in.